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WEBCounter by GOWEB


Family history articles
Enneper & Moll

You will find  will find much more articles at the German version of my homepage

I. Enneper

1. Family Tree

2. Ancestor List Enneper

3. Article about Professor Alfred Enneper (in German)

4. Investigation  about one family in the USA

The family name "Enneper"  is not so seldom in the USA. But you can be sure,  that
there is a connection with the German families "Enneper". The name is derived
from an old Farmhouse "Ennepe", firstly mentioned 1410 ( lease for a monastery
in Cologne). The house is situated at the small river " Ennepe" close by the town
Halver   (30.000 inhabitants), North-Rhine-Westfalia , Germany.

I shall show for the present one family branch in the USA:
We find  Enneper, Emil  arrived 1909 at Ellis Island, USA. His age was 53, so
that the year of birth was computed  1856 .  The former Residence was
Heidenoldendorf (town Detmold, Germany).
In the "German EUB Cemetery, Culumet County, Wisconsin, USA",  is his
tombstone: Emil Enneper   Birth: No. 6, 1856 - Death: May 8, 1938

his spouse: Louise Enneper (Aug 12th,1858-Jun 25th 1932).

She is also in this passengerlist of 1909 noted.

 The son was :   August Enneper    Birth: Feb 1895 - Death: Mai 21st 1959

 His spouse    : Ella Wesener,          (Jun 20th 1896 - 1959);

 the granddaughter : Beatrice Edna Ruth Enneper Behnke  (1922 - 2013)
(see internet: www.findagrave ...)

The roots in   Germany  :
Wilhelm  Emil  Enneper  is born in Herdecke (a town in North - Rhine - Westfalia , Germany; 
(see also : familysearch C96670-1) birth:  No. 6 1856.

His parents and grandparents you find in the lutherian Church register of Halver
(also a town inNorth - Rhine - Westfalia , Germany, about 30.000 inhabitants)

 The marriage was   June 21, 1850  :  now the original registration :


You find the ancestors also in my ancestor list (my home page I. Enneper,
the common ancestor is "6. Ahnenreihe -line -, Ancestor 64) ,
the common ancestors are: Johann Wilhelm Enneper , born Halver 1739 he died 1814);
his spouse: Catharina Elisabeth Gerdrauth Schulte (1738 - 1807).

You can download a list of their descendants here and a list of Joahnn Wilhems ancestors here

I am preparing other Enneper family branches in the USA.


II. Moll

 Ancestor List Moll

Schleifmühle bei der Ortschaft Papiermühle in Solingen, ca 1910
(Quelle Stadtarchiv Solingen)